Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Apache Ivy - Beginners Guide


Apache Ivy automates dependency management in Java Projects.Ivy is a powerful piece of software and highly configurable. Official site has some excellent tutorials and detailed reference documentation. But a beginner may soon get lost in multiple configurable options and struggle to get it right in first go.

Apache Ivy Tutorial is a Beginners Guide helps beginners to understand basics of Ivy without much effort.

This step-by-step tutorial covers
  • installation of Ivy
  • automate dependency management
  • core concepts with examples
  • build different types of repositories - local, shared and enterprise
  • integrate Ivy with Eclipse through IvyDE.

Objective of this quick start guide is to provide clear understanding of Ivy so that a beginners can migrate from manual dependency to Ivy.

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    Would you be able to upload this to a torrent site such as ThePirateBay that doesn't have these kinds of restrictions?

  2. Me too, I have the same message.
    What's wrong ?

  3. Thanks for feedback. I have now uploaded the document to google appspot and added download link. Users can download either from appspot or keepandshare.

    1. As document is available in Google Cloud for download, it is removed from keepandshare portal

  4. Thanks for this useful guide :) now i'm looking for how to configure Ivy with artifactory , so i'm asking if u had written any tutorial in which you explain in details this configuration.

    Best regards

    1. Thanks for feedback. Sorry I have not done that so far but may do in future. Best regards